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Bangladhol Studio is the preferred choice for artists and producers seeking uncompromising quality
Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Renowned as the pinnacle of audio excellence in the South Asian subcontinent, Bangladhol Studio stands as a testament to sonic perfection. Nestled in a state-of-the-art facility, it boasts cutting-edge recording, mixing, and mastering technologies. With a rich history of producing chart-topping hits across diverse genres, Bangladhol Studio is the preferred choice for artists and producers seeking uncompromising quality. Its team of seasoned engineers and producers ensures every project reaches its sonic zenith, making it a haven for musical innovation and sonic mastery. When it comes to creating timeless audio, Bangladhol Studio remains unrivaled in the region. From this international standard studio we provide following services.

Services We Provide:

Bangladhol is offering the best voice recording facilities within South Asia. With state-of-the-art equipment and technology, artists can produce high-quality recordings with ease. The studio provides a conducive environment for creativity to flourish, ensuring that every voice is captured flawlessly. From professional musicians to budding talents, Bangladhol welcomes all, providing expert assistance and guidance throughout the recording process.

Our Equipment:

Audio Recording & Editing Equipment


SSL describe their new XL–Desk as the “smart dumb analog console” and that sums it up pretty well because although it’s a traditional old–school console in many ways, it’s also the result of some very smart design. There are two common trends in analog console design at the moment: the integration of increasingly comprehensive DAW–control and automation facilities, and the inclusion of API 500–series slots, to allow the user’s choice of preamps and processors to be incorporated into the console. For now, at least (I detected hints of future possibilities), the XL–Desk ignores the world of DAW control and automation. Instead, the design team’s focus has been on creating SSL’s first console to cater to the 500 series. Sixteen module slots are placed in–line with the console channels, and there are two more which, by default, house the most recent version of the company’s G–series stereo bus compressor (which now boasts a high–pass filter in the side–chain).

Quested V2108 Active Two-way Monitors

Quested V2108 Active Two-way Monitors have earned a lifetime of trust with producers and artists around the globe, while staying at the cutting edge of reference monitor design. Suited to standalone sound monitoring or multi-channel applications, the V2108 is a very powerful and versatile near-field reference monitor. The Quested V2108 employs individual LF and HF amplification via an 8″ LF main driver and a 1 1/8″ HF silk dome tweeter for incredible separation and natural response. No added electronics have been put in the signal path. I have used Quested monitors for over 20 years and would trust no other brand to provide me with a truthful and accurate representation of my music. ~ Harry Gregson-Williams The magic of these reference monitors lies in design and materials, harnessing the best of both to provide an incredibly natural and ‘visual’ monitoring experience.

The X15 Passive 15" Subwoofer

The X15 Passive 15″ Subwoofer from Quested is a subwoofer capable of a peak power handling of 2000W. It features a 4″ voice coil and a 7.7 lb ferrite magnet assembly to accurately deliver frequencies as low as 20 Hz. The X15’s nominal impedance is rated at 8Ω and its SLP at 93 dB. This subwoofer is designed to work with the SBC800 powered LFE/sub-bass and LCR controller, and is compatible with the V3110 mid-field monitor and the LT Series speakers (not included). It is cased in a cage-style cabinet made of plywood.

The Neumann U 87 Ai

The Neumann U 87 Ai is a true legend. Introduced in 1967, it has shaped the sound of countless hit records for the past 50 years. And when those hits were announced on the radio, many a DJ sat before a U 87 Ai. The legend continues: To this day, no professional recording studio is complete without a Neumann U 87 Ai. The U 87 Ai is the epitome of a large diaphragm condenser microphone. Its tapered body and iconic head grille design have become part of the collective consciousness: This is what a studio microphone looks like. The same is true of its sound: The U 87 Ai represents studio quality; it has become the gold standard by which other microphones are measured.

The TLM 103

The TLM 103 is a cardioid microphone with a large diaphragm condenser capsule derived from the classic K67/87 capsule of the legendary Neumann U 87. However, the TLM 103 has a slightly more modern voicing with a wide presence boost for frequencies above 5 kHz. It’s very direct yet refined sound is perfect for vocals, and solo instruments that pop out of the mix without effort. Of course, the TLM 103 also has the famous authoritative midrange that has become the hallmark of Neumann microphones and made them the number one choice in studios around the world. A unique feature of the TLM 103 is its impressively deep yet controlled low end, perfect for sonorous voices and powerful bass instruments.

All Kinds of Supreme Quality Musical Instrument

Bangladhol has all kinds of musical instruments of the best quality in its studio. Among them, Pearl Drum Kit, 2 keyboards, 6 top quality acoustic, lead and bass guitars, numerous numbers of flute, tabla, harmonium, saxophones, Ektara and Dotara are the mostly used instruments.

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Console, Interface and Outboard gears

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Monitoring System


Monitoring System

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