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Musical Film – Sarangshe Tumi

The film is composed of eight duets by the tune by National Film Award – artist Kumar Biswajit. The songs were written by Shahidullah Faraji, Kabir Bakul, Zulfiqar Russell, Hena Islam, Ibrahim Fatmi and Panchu Bhattacharya. Kumar Biswajit is accompanied by Samina Chowdhury, Shubhamita (Kolkata) and Nancy. Antu Karim-Raha Tanha duo has beautifully executed the story of the film on the screen for the song. With the poetic screenplay of Gazi Mazharul Anwar, the musical film ‘Sarangse Tumi’ has highlighted some eternal moments of love and separation. Significantly, the songs have been filmed in almost all places of interest in the country. This 42-minute-long film is made under the banner of Bangla Dhol.

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